A one-year warranty is usually provided by most builders for new construction. During the period of time prior to this anniversary date the homeowner complies a punch list for the builder to correct. Sometimes conditions may exist that an untrained eye might miss. It is important to obtain a 1st anniversary inspection using a certified/qualified home inspector to perform an inspection so areas of certain can be addressed and properly repaired by your builder at no cost to you. Having this type of inspection will reassure you that potential problems were addressed before they grow into something that could cost you a great deal of dollars out of warranty.    

To schedule an inspection or to have any questions answered please call – 770-461-3408

What A Warranty (1st Anniversary) Inspection Covers

Hundreds of items are inspected and you will be provided with a computerized narrative report within 24 hours of the inspection listing the general conditions of the structures components and systems, including identification of significant observable deficiencies, as they existed at the time of the inspection. The digital photos included in the report will further document, and make clarification of certain issues easier to understand and locate.

The following is a listed of what areas/components are included in an inspection:

  • GROUNDS – driveway, walkways, retaining walls, patio, fences and gates, grading, and landscape features.
  • EXTERIOR – stairs, walls, trim, doors, windows, porch, deck, gutter and downspouts and the chimney.
  • GARAGE/CARPORT – garage interior and garage vehicle door operation etc.
  • FOUNDATION – slab on grade, raised foundation, crawl space and framing or basement foundation walls and framing.
  • ROOF & ATTIC – roof type, flashing, attic including ventilation and insulation.
  • PLUMBING – main line, supply line, waste lines, exterior faucets, water heater and laundry area.
  • HEATING AND COOLING – type of system, unit efficiency, fuel source, unit condition, and location.
  • ELECTRICAL – service supply, main panel, sub panels, conductor type smoke detectors and wiring defects.
  • INTERIOR – doors, windows, walls, ceilings, floors, fireplace, ceiling fans, and stairs/handrails.
  • KITCHEN – sink plumbing, disposal, counters, cabinets, and all installed appliances.
  • BATHROOMS – locations, toilets, sink plumbing, counters, cabinets, venting, bathtubs, and showers.

To schedule an inspection or to have any questions answered please call – 770-461-3408